Menu supports innovation at TEI of Crete

TEI of Crete, with the sponshorship of pioneers and uses modern methods to facilitate the early days of its first-year students' academic life. The students of TEI of Crete, for the first time, have the opportunity to make their resistration online.

 The new students of TEI of Crete were alerted by SMS to their mobile phones about their registration details and were prompted to complete an online registration form. Specifically, the SMS provided the students with instructions and the necessary links in order to complete an online registration form and to create their academic account. 

 Through SMS notifications multiple benefits are generated for both students and the institution:

  • minimization of the waiting time at the secretariats of the institution,
  • immediate notifications to students to avoid late submissions and errors,
  • personal contact with students during their new start,
  • reduction of bureaucracy,
  • money savings,
  • communicate with students with modern methods,
  • adoption of environmentally friendly methods.

In total 2.238 students have received SMS messges that notifies them for their registration process in order ro save time by reducing the queue at the secretariats of the institution. Within the first hours of the mass SMS dispatch, more than 1.000 students have completed their registration by entering their data electronically.

The granted the SMS messages to the institution in order to support this innovative initiative of TEI of Crete, one of the most important institutions in Greece.

The team wishes all the best for the upcoming academic year to all the students of TEI of Crete!

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